Tuesday, October 7, 2008


She is cheating on me. I came home early last week and caught her. I walked down the hallway and called her name but she didn’t hear me. As I put my keys on the hall table, I saw it sticking out of her purse- lemon scented Pledge. Yes that chemical-laden stuff. What chemicals I have no idea but surely it must be something horribly toxic to push me at Target to buy the eco-friendly wood cleaner right? I don’t know if I should confront her or not. Obviously she felt unfulfilled on some level to have to bring her own cleaner into the mix, yes? But should I ruin a perfectly good albeit somewhat awkward employer / employee relationship over lemon scented Pledge or should I just be thankful for dust free furniture? Next time, I’ll just make sure not to come home early.

Sidenote- I had the opportunity to check out lemon scented Pledge as my uber green friend D actually had a bottle of it under her sink (please don’t ask what I was doing looking under her sink in the first place) – and get this—they do not list the ingredients on the can! Seriously. Look for yourself. It could me made of nuclear waste or cat urine or just plain stream water- we’ll never know.

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